The system is fundamentally comprised of 3 main components: Sensor, Hand Terminal and Signal Repeater (Relay). It is activated as soon as the sensor battery is connected. Safe Zone sensors are placed in 6-12 m intervals depending on the soil properties about 1 cm below the ground level in areas that require attention to security. The sensor transmits the alarm it generates directly to the hand terminal and/or signal repeaters placed between the sensor and the hand terminal. Therefore, the signal transmission-reception distance between the sensor and the hand terminal is extended. The signal repeater transmits the alarm to the hand terminal and center, likewise the sensor itself.


Safe Zone is a multi-functional sensor system that identifies threats and triggers with seismic detectors, processes identified data, turns them into alarms, and transmits this alarm to a hand terminal and/or center.


The legal order in the life of society without interruption, people can live without fear, the situation in which they live safely.