About Us


AB Security has established in Ankara in 2019, by a group of ex-military personnel, security professionals, academicians who are specialized in defence sector as well as in security planning and applications.

Occupational Areas:

  • Produces by developing local and national security systems by doing research and development activities.
  • Risk assessment
  • Security inspection and evaluation
  • Physical and electronic security systems supervision, procurement and applications
  • Security concept development
  • Safety tests
  • Security project management
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle inspection and alarm affirmation
  • Building and facility reinforcement (ballistic reinforcement)
  • Security trainings

Work Zones:

  • Housing, building complexes, workplaces, hospitals, factories, dams and power plants, petro-chemical plants, military facilities and barracks, public buildings, ports, airports

How it Works:

  • Right after clarifying your company expectations with us, a risk assessment is performed
  • Next step is a security evaluation; both product oriented (vertical or one that aims to present suggestions on how to cover the identified security shortcomings) and non-product oriented (exclusively to evaluate these gaps)
  • Findings from the security inspections are put into a report which serve as the basis of a risk reduction and a security management plan
  • The risk reduction and security management plans are then conceptualized
  • The project implementation plan is put into action by our project managers
  • The project is submitted and handed over to its owner, once the system is engaged

Our Methods:

  • A systematical engineering approach is adopted through the works and they are certified. Documents are prepared in Turkish and/or English, eliminating the need for further translation. To elaborate; the engineering plans of the system and documentation are handed over as well.
  • Our team is comprised of highly educated and experienced individuals who are dedicated to similar systematic methods and viewpoints, mostly due to consistent internal training.
  • Project management cycles are driven through a hybrid approach which recognizes both the traditional workflow and agile project management processes.

You will be Working with…

  • AB Security Consultants, veterans and experts with academic & military/police backgrounds, national and international certification with extensive field experience domestic and international.
Ahad Berkin
Founder - CEO
Civil Engineer and business person with both being investor and advisor in energy, agriculture, consruction, R&D projects and tourism.
Sara Hazal Berkin
Board Member
Civil Engineer, Board Member and CFO of Mazz Bulding Industry Inc., Mazz Livestock and Agricultre Inc. And AB Security Systems.
Nurettin Akyüz
General Manager
General Manager at AB Security Systems, expert in face recognition system and border securtiy.
Şafak Akça
Industrial Product Designer
Industrial Product Designer, 30 years expert of RF system and antenna communication designer.
Melis Demircioğlu
Electronics and Communication Engineer
She took part in the Production Project of Armored Vehicle Electronics and Attack Helicopter Electronics of Military Standards
Furkan Mutlu
Electronic Technician
AB Çevre Güvenlik Sistemleri A.Ş, Electronic technician, Project production officer in 2021