Multi-Family Security Assessments

Security assessments of apartment buildings, condominiums, and gated and planned communities. Design of security programs that help to protect property and improve safety for residents and guests.


AB Security provides comprehensive physical security assessments for multi-family residential complexes including apartment buildings, condominiums, and gated and planned communities. We work closely with property managers and homeowners associations to help solve security problems and to create effective security programs for residential communities of all sizes.

Security assessments for multi-family residential properties typically include:

  • Review of local crime statistics and crime trends.
  • Review of the losses, thefts and other security incidents that have occurred at your property.
  • Review of the unique security risks that may exist in your neighborhood or be caused by adjacent properties.
  • Review of security policies and procedures and resident security awareness.
  • Review the use of security guards and security patrol services.
  • Preparation of risk assessment that identifies and prioritizes your property’s specific security risks.
  • Examination of site perimeter including fencing, landscaping, and security signage.
  • Examination of security lighting in parking garages and at building exteriors.
  • Examination of building perimeter including pedestrian doors, overhead doors, gates, and windows.
  • Examination of security at building common areas, including lobby, mail center, parking garages, storage areas, and recreational areas.
  • Examination of building lock hardware and keying systems.
  • Examination of electronic security systems including access control systems, alarm systems, security intercom systems, and video surveillance systems.
  • Examination of security policies and procedures, security training for residents, and security incident reporting procedures.
  • Preparation of written Security Assessment Report that states consultant’s opinion of existing security program and provides specific recommendations for security improvements at the property.
  • Presentation of Security Assessment Report at Homeowners Association Meeting to present findings of report and to answer homeowner questions.

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